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Designer and Engineer using his skills and experience to help tell stories and make technology more accessible to more people.


Lead Front End Engineer


June 2018–Present
  • Currently leading the design and development of our iOS/Android application built in React Native
  • Helping establish high quality design and engineering best practices to grow our teams

Co-Founder / Designer / Front End Engineer


February 2017–Present
  • Partner on product vision, concept, strategy, and business model
  • Designed and built a slow-on-purpose profile form to help candidates take their time and think in-depth about their ideal work
  • Built an intentionally minimal, progressively-enhanced JS scaffold using Gulp, Rollup.JS, and ES2015
  • Produced a pattern library for consistent and collaborative design. Available at

Lead Designer and Front End Engineer

Target (Contract)

November 2017–April 2018 (5 months)
  • Led a design and front end engineering effort to reimagine the way teams across Target deploy applications in a cloud infrastructure
  • Conducted user and stakeholder interviews to discover shortcomings of existing deployment solutions
  • Helped a DevOps team set standards and expectations for collaboration on GitHub issues, user stories, and documentation

Senior Software Engineer / Front End Lead

The Groundwork

September 2014–September 2017 (3 years)
  • Built software that powered Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign responsible for 9MM donations totalling $600MM
  • Led a remote team of 7 engineers and designers. Conducted team meetings, helped define and clarify OKRs, and set expectations
  • Built the front end event system for used by over 14,000 to RSVP for the campaign kick-off rally in NYC
  • Designed products to serve dozens of nonprofits and NGOs including UNHCR and NYCHA

Designer & Engineer


March 2014–September 2014 (7 months)
  • Helped Longform design their iOS app and marketing materials

Product & Design Lead

Readability (at Arc90)

November 2011–February 2014 (2 years 3 months)
  • Led a team of five engineers and designers. Held 1-on-1s, set and kept project pace. Worked with the CEO to define and execute vision
  • Oversaw a redesign of our iOS app, site, and Chrome extension

Designer & Engineer


September 2008–November 2011 (3 years 2 months)

Designer & Engineer


September 2007–September 2008 (1 year)

Web Designer

Digi Craft Productions

September 2006–September 2007 (1 year)


Design of all variety; product, UX, UI, graphic, and more qualifiers. Writing. Producing and using pattern libraries and design systems. HTML, CSS, Old timey JavaScript, New-fangled JavaScript, Sass, PostCSS, React, React Native, Redux, Webpack, Rollup.JS, Gulp, so many JS build tools. Python, Flask, Django and in a pinch; Ruby/Rails, PHP.

Asking hard questions, written communication, user stories, and meticulous project documentation.

Experienced at

Consuming RESTful and GraphQL APIs, configuring and using AWS, working with CI systems, tricking NGINX to work, mysql and PostgreSQL database setup and usage.


Full Sail University, Orlando Florida

Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Design 2006

References available on request.