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Tried. Trying. Try.

The ethical, political, and moral implications of the work I choose is everything. Saying; “I’m just doing my job” is not OK for me. The work I do, the work we do as an industry, has real effects on real people.

I’m trying to use my skills and experience to put good into the world.

On Design

There are plenty of words and acronyms you can put in front of “Designer”. Product, Web, Graphic, UX, UI, IA, etc. The lines between each are blurry, and the titles go in-and-out of fashion. Depending on the project and team I’m working alongside, I practice them all to varying degrees. I prefer to call myself simply; “A Designer.”

On Code

Code is a means to an end. I have ideas and use code to bring them to life. That doesn’t mean I approach programming as a craft with any less enthusiasm or care as Design. I push myself to try new languages, and unserstand new patterns. No language is off limits and I don’t avoid trying to learn difficult concepts.

This is My Corner of The Web

I deployed the first–Flash–version of this site Summer of 2006. I built v1 during the last months of college to help land my first web design job. Fun tidbit, there’s a CD-ROM version of that first site. An interface built with Macromedia Director on CD-ROM was the required final project deliverable at that time.

Since then, I’ve made iterations on the site every few years to accomplish different goals. I’ve changed the design, I’ve changed the work, and most important of all I’ve changed. This site is a lot of things. A portfolio of design work. A blog. A place to experiement. Above all else, this site is a reflection of me.

The source for all versions is available on GitHub.

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